House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian

House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian

House-Museum of Aram Khachaturian (Yerevan, Armenia) – exhibitions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

Armenia, like a magic box with fabulous riches, is full of all kinds of wonders and interesting things. You just need to open it, and it will gladly show its treasures to all comers. One of these treasures is the house-museum of Aram Khachaturian, the great composer of the time, who is especially revered in Armenia as a genius who brought the Armenian old folk music to the world in a new way.

Aram Khachaturian is the author of immortal, monumental pieces of music that are loved all over the world: the ballets Spartacus and Gayane, music for Lermontov’s drama Masquerade, and others.

Aram Khachaturian’s museum was specially established in 1982 (after his death) in the center of the Armenian capital, Yerevan, to preserve the unfading glory of the great composer (next to the monument to A. Tamanyan).

One of the jewels is the House Museum of Aram Khachaturian, the great contemporary composer, especially revered in Armenia as a genius who brought Armenian ancient folk music to the world in a new way.

The museum is located in the mansion where Aram Ilyich’s older brother Vaginak and his family used to live, and where the composer himself often stayed when he visited Yerevan.

Khachaturian’s son Karen donated to the museum many of his father’s personal belongings from his study, dining room, bedroom, conductor’s baton and tailcoat, grand piano, letters, photographs and more.

Fanatically devoted to the memory of the great genius, musician and public figure, conductor Gohar Harutyunyan, being the director of the house-museum, makes every effort for its full life. Along with the museum exhibits the music composed by Aram Ilich always sounds here. And the courtyard with blooming marvelous roses invariably creates an atmosphere of respect and reverence.

One item in the museum, a Pleyel piano, can tell guests about a very touching event. In 1957, A. Khachaturian was on tour in Brazil. Tigran Mostijian, a notorious São Paulo antiques dealer, invited the composer to visit, but suddenly he realized that he had no instrument to play on which the maestro would play. Immediately the piano was bought and delivered to the address. At the end of the evening, which was a success, the antique dealer asked Aram Ilyich to write his autograph on the piano. After disputes and exhortations Khachaturian scratched his autograph on the piano lid with a nail. Many years later the piano was given to T. Mostidjyan’s daughter as a dowry. In 1988, the Shirinyan family from Buenos Aires donated it to the Yerevan Museum.

The museum has a library with a collection of scores of Khachaturian’s works, manuscripts, musical literature and many other documents. The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian, corresponding to the scope of the great composer, is also a small concert hall for about two hundred listeners, where concerts are organized.

The Khachaturian competition for the best instrumental work is held here every two years in the summer.

Fans, music lovers, musicians and those who are simply interested in Aram Khachaturian’s music flock here. And it is always a holiday!

How to get to the house of Aram Khachaturian Museum

Address: 3 Zarubyan St. The House Museum of Aram Khachaturian is located in the center of the city, not far from the central square – it has a large signboard. Website.

Working time

Aram Khachaturian House Museum is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 to 16:00.


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