A pagan temple in Garni, Armenia

A pagan temple in Garni, Armenia

Pagan temple in Garni – description, history, location, reviews, videos.

The pagan temple in Garni is the most famous monument of the pagan and Hellenistic periods. It was built in the Hellenic style in the 1st century by the Armenian king Trdat I and is dedicated to the sun god Mitra. As evidenced by the inscription in Greek, found in the ruins of the temple (destroyed during a major earthquake in 1679, in Soviet times it was rebuilt):

“Helios! Trdat the Great, the Great sovereign of Armenia, when the ruler built the agarak to the queen (and) this impregnable fortress in the eleventh year of his reign…”
Trdat I

In the ornaments of decoration introduced local motifs: grapes, pomegranate, hazel leaves, flowers.

The pagan temple of Garni remained intact even despite the adoption of Christianity in Armenia in 301.

It must be said that the rulers of Armenia were very fond of this place – both for its excellent impregnable location and for its stunning climate. For many years Garni was the official summer residence of the kings. Later the temple remained intact even despite the adoption of Christianity in Armenia in 301. Today the remnants of the fortress and the royal palace with Hellenistic mosaics and a bath of the III century can be seen here.

The temple of Garni is situated 28 km from Yerevan, in Kotayk region, in the valley of the river Azat, near the village Garni. The easiest way to get here is by car.


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