Sports And Concert Complex “Hamalir”

Sports And Concert Complex “Hamalir”

Hmalir (Yerevan, Armenia) – detailed description, address and photos. Tourist reviews about the best entertainment in Yerevan.

“Hmalir” is one of the largest sports and concert complexes in Yerevan. It was built in 1983 on Tsitsernakaberd Hill by a group of Armenian architects. One and a half years after its opening the building was destroyed by fire, and it was restored in its original form only in 1987.

“Hmalir” is a striking example of architecture in the style of Soviet modernism. The building is a composition of semicircular structures resting on huge pylons; from all sides the structure looks different. It has two halls: the first, seating 5,000, where the most important and spectacular events are held; the second, smaller, seats 1,300 people. In front of the halls is a mobile podium, which, if necessary, increases the space by another 1,000 seats. Other areas are used for rehearsals, conferences, meetings and other events.

Today, all the most popular concerts and sports competitions in Yerevan are held in the “Hmalir”.

At one time Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan and his band came here, the World Chess Olympiad was held here, and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest was held here in 2011. The inauguration of the Armenian President also takes place only here.

Practical information about Hmalir

Address: Yerevan, Ketron. GPS coordinates: 40.1882444,44.4830806.

How to get there: by any bus to Hamalir bus stop.

Tickets: From 2500 AMD.


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