Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan

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Sevan is a mountainous lake in Armenia, one of the largest lakes in the Caucasus, located in a mountain bowl almost 2 km above sea level. Today, Sevan and its surroundings are a well-known landmark in Armenia, which is worth seeing for all fans of the Caucasus and its beauty.

There is a legend about the origin of the lake. Once there were fertile gardens, which were irrigated by spring water. The spring was small, but the pressure of water was strong, so the hole, from where the water flowed, was closed by a large stone. One day, a careless beauty took a jug of water and forgot to close the spring when she went home to sleep. All night long, water poured out of the spring with a powerful stream, flooding the neighborhood and houses. Finally one of the old men cried out: “May the one who did this turn to stone!” The girl jumped out on the threshold of her house and was immediately petrified. And the arriving water formed a lake with a stone island rising over Sevan like the head of that careless beauty.

According to legend, in ancient times only gods and stars could drink the clear water of Sevan.

The scientists’ version of the lake’s origin is more prosaic: most likely, it appeared several thousand years ago as a result of volcanic processes in the Geghama Mountains.

Today, the Sevan National Park with several reserves and wildlife sanctuaries has been established here, and the lake itself is surrounded by numerous mineral springs, picturesque natural landscapes and cultural monuments, which attracts tourists from all over the world every year.

The area of Sevan is 1,240 square kilometers, with a depth of up to 100 meters. Twenty-eight rivers flow into it and the Hrazdan River flows out.

How to get to Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is most often reached via Yerevan. From Moscow to the capital of Armenia there are 10 flights a day from Vnukovo, Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo by Aeroflot, Armavia and Es Seven. The airport of Yerevan is located 12 km from the city.

Busses and minibuses to Sevan go from the north bus station of Yerevan. The route takes about 1,5 hours and costs around 600 AMD, one way. The shuttles to Sevan city are the least convenient, as it is located away from the lake. But the shuttles to Dilijan and Ijevan stop practically at Sevanavank monastery – to walk about 1 km.

In summer from June to mid-September from Yerevan to Sevan there are trains. The schedule changes every year and the trains are very old and take a long time, but they are cheap – about 220 AMD one way. The prices on the page are for August 2021.

A cab from Yerevan to Sevan will cost about AMD 7000 one way and you will spend 1-1,5 hours en route. For about the same price you can rent a cab for 4-5 hours with a driver who will drive you around all attractions of Sevan. Cab to Sevan can be rented directly from Yerevan airport, it will cost about AMD 9000 one way.

Weather in Sevan

The lake is located high in the mountains, so no matter how hot it is in the valley, near Sevan it is always cool even when the air temperature is about +30 ° C. At the same time the water of the lake gets up to +18 … 20°С in summer, so you can start swimming. During the whole July and August the coast of Lake Sevan is full of holidaymakers – locals fleeing the heat, and visitors of Armenia. In winter, the climate of Lake Sevan is harsh (by local standards), and in January, the lake may even freeze.

Sevan Hotels

The busiest part of the resort is the peninsula and the part of the coast adjacent to the city of Sevan. Most of the hotels are concentrated there, mostly 3-4-5* modern hotels, almost all of which have a restaurant and a swimming pool. The restaurant is a tribute to Armenian hospitality, and the pool is a necessity, as most of the year the water in the lake is quite cool.

In summer during the high season it may be problematic to find an accommodation on the lake: not only foreigners come here, but also locals – to relax from the heat in the high mountain coolness. So it is better to book a hotel a couple of months in advance. Rooms for two in a 3-star hotel on the lakeside cost on average USD 55 per night, but the price difference is quite large – from USD 40 to USD 120.

On the coast of Sevan is not only hotels in the classical sense, but also campgrounds and recreation areas – from budget, with minimal comfort conditions to luxury.

If you are traveling as a family or a large group, it will be convenient to rent a house or villa. On the coast of Lake Sevan there are many cottage villages, where you can rent a small house for 35 USD per day, a cottage with two or three bedrooms will cost from 77 USD per day, and prices for villas start at 200 USD per day. Even the most budget cottage will have a small yard and a barbecue area.

Many hotels in Sevan are not presented on popular booking services, so to rent something on the spot – it is quite real, and if you know how to bargain, even profitable.

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