Singing Fountains of Yerevan

Singing Fountains of Yerevan

Singing Fountains of Yerevan (Yerevan, Armenia) – description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is a beautiful and sunny city, which gives you sincere smiles and bright emotions from the views of the biblical Mount Ararat, contrasting combinations of modern buildings with old cozy courtyards, delicious cuisine, wonderful climate, fresh mountain air, friendly hospitable Yerevanites.

There is a place and a way to have a rest, and not only adults but also children get a lot of pleasure from visiting various interesting and surprising places. One of them is the singing fountains that gather many people in the evenings on the main square of Freedom (Republic Square).

The singing fountains of Yerevan are mesmerizing, inspiring, very romantic and never boring spectacle!

Singing fountains originally appeared in Germany thanks to a Berlin electrical engineer who worked at the Resi restaurant in the 1920s. The talented, clever electrician combined a fountain with music. Special nozzles created water jets, sinking and rising, swaying and tilting, like professional dancers, and were controlled by the operator. And the colorful lights and live music that accompanied the action, brought the visitors to the restaurant in indescribable delight.

In 1939, at the New York exhibition, three operators, controlling the fountain by the program recorded on a tape of paper, repeated the experience of the Berlin engineer, but already improved. Singing fountains have gained such love and popularity that they now exist in many cities around the world.

About half a century ago a group of Armenian talented and dedicated engineers under the guidance of Prof. Abram Abrahamyan, doctor of technical sciences, created this miracle, the first dancing and singing color-music fountains in the USSR. Installed opposite the building of Armenian History Museum and Art Gallery, they immediately blended in the architecture of the city’s main square. Tourists from all over the world began to come here to admire the magical, unusual and beautiful performances of the fountains.

Thanks to French specialists, who restored and modernized several years ago a magnificent sight of Yerevan, a favorite of citizens and guests of the capital, the fountains have become even more modern and bright.

They delight the eyes and ears of those who come to them every evening during the whole summer (from late May to October).

There is periodically renewed beautiful music – world classical masterpieces, national, rock and pop tunes of the 20th and 21st centuries, accompanied by a stunning unity of water dance and light effects. The performance invariably ends with the song “Eternal Love” by Charles Aznavour.

The singing fountains of Yerevan are mesmerizing, inspiring, very romantic and never boring! One can stand with bated breath and enjoy what one sees endlessly, and no one wants to leave this magnetically acting place. It is not without reason that visiting this place is a pleasant Yerevan tradition for many Yerevanites and those who come to the capital. Whoever even once sees the riot of water, music and light of singing fountains on the Freedom Square of Yerevan, will never forget it!

How to get to the singing fountains of Yerevan

Address: Yerevan, Republic Square.

Working hours of Yerevan singing fountains

The fountains are open daily from late May to September (except Mondays) from 10:00 a.m. to 0:00 a.m.


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