Yerevan Brandy Factory

Yerevan Brandy Factory

Yerevan Brandy Factory (Armenia) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Tourist reviews and videos.

A popular legend tells of a case of “Dvin” cognac that was sent monthly from the Yerevan Cognac Factory to Sir Winston Churchill after the Yalta Conference. The British Prime Minister was a connoisseur of strong alcohol and appreciated the quality of the drink, for which he received such a peculiar gift. And once he paid attention to the changed taste and wrote to Stalin about it. The chief technologist became an enemy of the people, he was jailed, but was immediately released and returned to his former position, and “Dvin” regained its lost glory. There is not a single documentary evidence of these events, but numerous diplomas and medals received since 1887 by different brands of Yerevan cognac all over the world, including in France, the drink’s motherland.

What to see

The facade of the building, lined with pink tuff of various shades, is decorated with arches on high pilasters of Ionic order, and on the roof is a huge inscription – “Ararat”. Inside is a museum of this famous brand.

Cognac is made exclusively from grapes grown in the Tavush region of the Ararat Valley.

Double distillation produces the most delicate fraction of cognac spirit and pours it into barrels of 100-year-old Caucasian oak for at least three years. Then they make a blend, a mixture of different spirits and spring water, and age it again. These subtleties are told to the sightseers as they lead them through tunnels with endless rows of barrels.

Some barrels stand in separate niches and are filled to commemorate milestone events. Flags of European states surround the one poured in 1994 in honor of the OSCE mission stopping the Karabakh conflict.

Practical information

Address: Yerevan, 2 Admiral Isakov Ave. Web site.

How to get there: by bus #5 to the stop Old Ejmiadzin Av.

The tour should be reserved on the site of the plant. Ticket price: 4500-10 000 AMD depending on the brands of tasting cognacs.


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